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These guys are GREAT!...

"If you need a service that All Phase offers, then you would be smart to use them! We had them out to build a stamped concrete patio, stairs and walkway at our home...

Absolutely AMAZING!
You can check out the photo gallery and see! They were so helpful too! They listened to each and every idea I had and made it come to life. I love to go outside and just look at my patio. Everyone of our neighbors have said how gorgeous it is.

They do really quality work and don't cut corners. That is really important to me. I want what I pay for to last!"

~ Janice K., Auburn, CA

Our Asphalt Paving & Repair Services

Superior Quality and Service
When you hire All Phase Engineering
you will  be met with workmanship that is unmatched in its quality, strength and durability. We believe in giving you a finished product that has been constructed correctly
-cutting no corners.  Our final product has been properly built, to last for years to come. That's why our motto is "Quality & Service will always be Remembered Long after low price is forgotten", we have no desire to be the company that sold you something inexpensively - just to "get the deal" - and six months down the road you are having to get it all done again!

Top Grade Equipment and Materials
We have the ability and equipment to meet any of your paving needs, large or small. Whether it is an overlay, new installation (including grading), or removal and replacement of your existing driveway, parking lot, roadway, sidewalk, etc. All Phase Engineering will give your project all the attention it needs to make sure the job is done right, the first time! We have a large selection of paving equipment, tractors, excavators, dump trucks, and other large utility construction vehicles that can be rented from us as well. For your home projects. Give our office a call for more details.

Experienced Staff
We believe our staff is one of the best in the industry, we have worked diligently to create an environment (internally), of teamwork and gratitude. We might work a "dirty job", but you will always be treated with the utmost respect from any of the All Phase Engineering employees. Your property, (worksite) will always be held in the highest regard by us and will be clean when we leave it.

Our company holds very high standards for safety and for the protection of the environment. All of our jobs are overseen by the General Contractor and Owner, Garry Easley. Garry is a stickler for compliance and maintains extensive QA checklists for all of his jobs to ensure nothing has been overlooked. 

Our office staff is always friendly. Anytime you call our offices you will be met with excellent staff ready to help you, or make you an appointment. At All Phase Engineering we not only care about the work we perform, but our relationship with our clients too!

Our Mission

To ensure a stress-free paving experience by providing efficient crews and hands on project management performance.

That the quality of our work is never compromised with shortcuts or inferior materials.

To always use state of the art equipment, the highest
quality materials, educated professionals, and the newest application techniques.

To ensure your asphalt paving or repair project is completed properly and on time.

Our Services

(bike trails, parking lots, driveways, roadways)
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(Parking lot, Handicap, bike trails, curb painting, stenciling, ADA parking striping)
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Seal Coating, Colored Seal Coating, Crack-filling
(cold and hot pour)
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Mass Grading
(sub divisions, commercial, residential, equestrian, custom contour)
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Underground Utilities
(sewer, storm drain, water, fire, and domestic, joint trench power-gas)
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(county and city improvements, custom flat and structure work, colored, stamped)
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ADA Compliance
and Upgrades, Informational Signage
(concrete and asphalt)
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Equestrian Center
(inclusive of all services including custom work designed by client)
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(any size job, at any phase in the project)
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Trucking Services
(10 wheeler, transfers,
and semi end dumps)
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Construction Management
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If you have any questions or would like to speak with a representative regarding our services, please Contact Us or Call Us direct at 916. 332. 1475



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